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Booking Procedure

The Excursion Nepal offers reliable and easy booking service. All the bookings are confirmed by our supplier themselves, so clients can be more certain about the booking confirmation. All the prices displayed in the website are in US Dollar.

The Excursion Nepal booking procedure is the easiest way to search, compare and choose the best accommodation and holiday packages that suits your needs.
Just follow the easy steps pointer below: a) Enter the website throughwww.theexcursionnepal.com
a) Choose the hotel/ package that suits your flavour
b) To book your hotel, you will find a “BOOK NOW” option in an orange box on the right hand side of the individual hotel’s/ package’s page.
c) Fill in the check in/ checkout date along with the room type and occupancy.
d) Once clicked on next it will ask you to register / login to our system. You can login if you already have username and password or register yourself to complete the booking
f) You will need to perform a onetime registration, if you want to make booking and benefit from our deals or you can simply surf the deals first if you are in no hurry to make a booking.
g) Once you request booking confirmation, our Supplier (Hotel/ Travel Agencies) will view and confirm your booking. You will have 2 days to process the payment for your bookings.
h) You log in to your system and make the payment for your booking.

You can access all our booking by logging in to our system with the help of login option in top right.
You can make payment once logged in. Once payment is done, we will issue itinerary under your name for that booking.

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