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    • Proof of identity is required for all travel. Without proper identification, or passport and necessary visas you will not be permitted to depart. It is your responsibility to verify your necessary travel documents.
    • Credit Card Payment: PayPal takes responsibilities of any credit card payment process and we play no part in authorising and verifying the payment transaction.
    • LINKS TO THIRD-PARTY SITES: Theexcursionnepal.com may contain hyperlinks to thirds party websites that are operated by other than theexcursionnepal.com, such websites are provided for the users’ reference purpose only. The information provided by such third party websites does not fall in control of theexcursionnepal.com and so is not responsible for their content and accuracy of information.
    • Reviews & Ratings:  theexcursionnepal.com cannot always guarantee the accuracy of the information, products and services projected on the website as it may sometimes include typographical errors.in particular, theexcursionnepal.com and its affiliates do not guarantee the accuracy of, and disclaim liability for inaccuracies relating to hotel and other supplier photographs, hotel property, cruise, automobile and other product descriptions and lists of hotel amenities and other product descriptions displayed on this website, much of which information is provided by the respective suppliers. hotel rating and reviews displayed on this website are shared by user and client groups so theexcursionnepal.com does not guarantee the accuracy of the ratings as well as the reviews. Changes are periodically added to the information herein. theexcursionnepal.com, its affiliates, and/or their respective suppliers may make improvements and/or changes on this website at any time.

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